Brett (samwise03) wrote in haunted_asylums,

Former Asylum, Willard NY: Part 1 (X-posted everywhere)

It's been a long time since I've posted, but I finally have some photos worth sharing. This past weekend I took a trip from NYC to Willard, NY in the Finger Lakes region to do some filming with our prod company. Willard, at one time, was a psychiatric hospital. In the 90s, it closed its doors and now the area is used as a voluntary drug rehab clinic for non-violent offenders who are looking to reduce prison sentences and clean up their act. I happen to have an in there with a friend of mine who's father is the supervisor at the drug clinic. He has access to ALL of the abandoned buildings on the grounds. The trip was a bit of a tease, as we only got to spend an hour exploring, but I'm sure we'll be going back eventually. I need to see more of this place, it's an absolute gem. A horror movie just waiting to be filmed. Without further ado, here are the exterior shots I took of the abandoned asylum in Willard, NY. Part 2 will delve inside one of the buildings on the complex.

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