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Wow I’m so glad I found this community on Haunted Asylums.

I live in Tasmania, Australia which is home to the oldest mental asylum in the Southern Hemisphere Willow Court/Royal Derwent Hospital. The oldest Building in the complex dates back to 1829 where it initially housed invalid convicts. The whole complex is huge, whilst some place have been torn down over the years there would still be around 20 odd free standing wards!

There have been many Hauntings at Willow Court/Royal Derwent over the years. Some of the most famous would be Ward 5 and Frescarti. In Ward 5 there was a report by staff that there was male hating ghost that would appear as a blue tinge on a white wall and would throw males around The Tasmanian Catholic Church stated if they felt it necessary they would perform a type of exorcism in the ward. In Frescarti a cleaner once went inside and was found hours later unconscious with blood all over the walls, he stated that he was thrown around by something he couldn’t see.

I believe I have even captured some ghosts on camera in one of the children’s wards.


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