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-Haunted Asylums-'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
-Haunted Asylums-

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[07 Jan 2010|10:31am]

[ mood | busy ]

I don't know how many of you get caught up in researching asylums/hospitals but to me it's half the fun. My professional background adds to this as well. I've recently come across some great books and thought I would share.

1-The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases From a State Hospital Attic
Authors: Darby Penney/Peter Stastny

2-Women of the Asylum: Voices from Behind the Walls, 1840-1945
Author: Jeffrey L. Geller

Michael Ramseur. Looked more like a child's coloring book than a professional text as it is listed.

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[26 Oct 2009|06:54pm]

Does anyone know of haunted asylums in Connecticut? I'm really interested in touring some places. 
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Woodlands Memorial Garden and Asylum [24 May 2009|12:43am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I got to go check out Woodlands the other day.

Woodlands opened in 1878 as an insane asylum and finally closed in 1996.
The place was pretty much destroyed by a massive fire July 9th, 2008.

moreCollapse )

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The remains of Northampton State Hospital [26 Mar 2009|04:24pm]

In the summer of 2001, I took my first pictures of Northampton State Hospital (only the exterior - I don't venture inside buildings AT ALL. Too chicken.) Sadly, the only one that I could find was of the bench at the entry to the facility, but I did find the negatives, which I'm going to try to have processed.

Anyhow, I went back there today to snap some more exterior pics, now that the Kirkbride building has been demolished. Condos are springing up, and the construction workers looked at me suspiciously as I snapped away with my BlackBerry, but I didn't even get out of my car -- again, the chicken reflex. Pics behind the cutCollapse )
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Mod Post [07 Feb 2009|03:58pm]


This is Glamtron, your mod with a new name. It seems to have been pretty quiet lately so I was hoping maybe to stir up a little something.

Check out our profile. If it's missing something please pipe up with a suggestion, or any suggestion in general ok? Is your favorite place missing from the interests? Let me know I'll make sure it gets added!!!!!!!!
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Royal Derwent Hospital [08 Oct 2008|11:37am]


Check out my video of a known haunted asylum. This video explores Ward G and Frescati located at Royal Derwent Hospital/Willow Court Tasmania, Australia.

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Callan Park Hospital for the Mentally and Criminally Insane. [02 Sep 2008|11:30pm]

[ mood | drained ]

From here:
The facility formerly known as Callan Park Hospital for the Insane (1878 to 1914) is located in the grounds of Callan Park, an area on the shores of Iron Cove in the Sydney suburb of Lilyfield in Australia. In 1915 the facility was renamed Callan Park Mental Hospital, and again in 1976 to Callan Park Hospital. Since 1994, the facility has been formally known as Rozelle Hospital. In April 2008, all Rozelle Hospital services and patients were transferred to Concord Hospital. The Callan Park (Special Provisions) Act 2002 restricts future uses to health and education, but the New South Wales Government has not revealed its intentions for the site.


warning: image heavyCollapse )

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New and looking for help [27 Aug 2008|01:42am]



I am new here, and, like many of you have been searching all of my life for some sort of proof of the afterlife.

To be honest, I haven't found much and despite my collections of ghost stories, my avid watching of supernatural reality television, and my visits to haunted locations, I still find myself in need  of proof that SOMETHING exists after this.  I'm assuming I'm not alone.

I call this being a Ghost Skeptic....someone who is quite obsessed with the supernatural and life after death, but someone who still doesn't quite believe it exists. 

So I'm writing a book...an article...I'm trying to gather a collection of TRUE stories from people who have had experiences.  I'm not the first one, nor will I be the last, but this is something I am very dedicated to.

Please, if you have a story, let me know in your reply.  If you'd rather tell me over private e-mails, I'd be happy to do that as well, just give me your e-mail address as I will be making ALL replies screened and will not post any you would rather not have me post.  Having as many details in your stories is very important...the names of places and buildings, dates, years, etc.  Names can be changed if you wish.  

I will not use past posted stories, as I will require your permission to use said story if I actually do finish this.  Even if I don't, I will send all of you what I have compiled.

Either way, this is just the beginning of this adventure (well the prologue is written) and I hope to find real people on Live Journal to participate.  I ate lunch at a place called The Asylum just last week, which is located inside of the Jerome Grand Hotel, a place that was formerly a hospital and asylum.  I hope someone has posted about that place, several things have been known to have happened there!

Thank you for your time, and here's to not being a skeptic any longer!

If this is not allowed, I apologize. 

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st anns [14 Aug 2008|07:45pm]

the only asylum i know off where i live is st anns, i live in bournemouthm dorset, UK.
st anns is the county mental asylum with patiants from people with mood disorders to complete psychotic mass murderes.
if i needed to be admitted to a hospital tghis is where i would go, you can volentary go there.
im guessing the really insane are locked away but they do have a day room where all patiants can go.

anyway here is a picture

yes i know its not as horror looking as some of the abandoned ones in america, but its still pretty creepy.
and its still open.
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Haunted Asylums [01 Aug 2008|01:41pm]

[ mood | curious ]



Wow I’m so glad I found this community on Haunted Asylums.

I live in Tasmania, Australia which is home to the oldest mental asylum in the Southern Hemisphere Willow Court/Royal Derwent Hospital. The oldest Building in the complex dates back to 1829 where it initially housed invalid convicts. The whole complex is huge, whilst some place have been torn down over the years there would still be around 20 odd free standing wards!

There have been many Hauntings at Willow Court/Royal Derwent over the years. Some of the most famous would be Ward 5 and Frescarti. In Ward 5 there was a report by staff that there was male hating ghost that would appear as a blue tinge on a white wall and would throw males around The Tasmanian Catholic Church stated if they felt it necessary they would perform a type of exorcism in the ward. In Frescarti a cleaner once went inside and was found hours later unconscious with blood all over the walls, he stated that he was thrown around by something he couldn’t see.

I believe I have even captured some ghosts on camera in one of the children’s wards.


For more information about Royal Derwent/Willow Court visit my site http://royalderwent325.livejournal.com/

For more pic's take a look at my photobucket account at http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn295/jarvo_325/

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Century Manor; Hamilton, ON. [17 Jul 2008|11:48am]


|click image for a larger version|
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Whitby Psychiatric Asylum (Ontario, Canada) [06 Jul 2008|01:29pm]


sadly, only two of the original buildings remain at the whitby asylum, two houses that were labeled 12 and 22. cottage 12 was an activity rehab center for children, and cottage 22 (14) was an inpatient quarters. 22 (14) was infamous for a guard being strangled to death by an inpatient in one of the bathrooms. "March 13,1933 - Cyril Ethelbert Rich, an attendant at the Ontario Hospital, was strangled to death with his own tie by patient Theodore Jakimcruk in Cottage 14's bathroom late at night. The patient had hallucinations that his victim was giving him electricity in his cocoa every night making his feet and legs burn."
btw, the numbers on the cottages were often wrong, 22 is in actuality building 14, as 22 was a library - and that is already demolished. plus the proximity of th two makes more sense, as they were right next to each other.
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[03 May 2008|10:18am]

This website has a goldmine of professional photos of abandoned asylums and other buildings. It's like crack people - I kid you not.
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[02 May 2008|10:07pm]

I just found this community and thought you might be interested in photos I took of Warley Asylum (Essex, UK) a couple of years ago. I was doing stills for a film ('Killer Killer') shooting there, and got the chance to wander a few of the wards at my leisure. There were mysterious footsteps heard a couple of times by the crew, and I found the amount of dead butterflies a little disturbing, especially when I found a big crack in the wall of the chapel area, with lots of butterfly wings wedged into it.

The rest are on my website: www.debbieattwell.com/warley.html

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new photo a day blog [30 Jan 2008|11:36am]

I have started a new blog where i post one Urbex photo a day from my collection along with a write up with a bit of history and my experience photographing the place as well as links to galleries from other photogs. I will still be posting larger sets and non-urbex/model photos to this blog just not in the same frequency beause of my crazy schedule.

Feel free to add itrx_photoaday

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[30 Dec 2007|03:17pm]
Ellis Island is one of our nations most remembered and important historical locations. If you live in the United States chances are you already know the historical significance of this place. If you do not, google should be able to bring you up to pace.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More Ellis IslandCollapse )
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[06 Dec 2007|01:46pm]

Hi, new here.

I just found this community, and don't know how active it is, but figured I'd give it a shot.

My *dad* retired from the Buffalo Psychiatric Center a number of years ago. I've been mildly obsessed with learning whatever I can about it. I remember being little, and going for the ride to drop him off at work.. and getting very sick to my stomach (I've been told I have a sense for ... "tortured souls" for lack of better words right now... I guess that would only make sense being a tortured soul myself.

If anybody has any articles or stories, I would very much appreciate it... for some sick reason I enjoy reading them. :-D
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wisconsin asylums? [27 Aug 2007|12:34pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

hi, i have a quick question.

for my friend's wedding present (a weird one, but i digress) i'm taking her on a haunted tour of northern wisconsin. does anyone know of any asylums or really anything else that is haunted/scary like old churches, cemetaries or schools? i'd really really appreciate it. even if you could give me some anywhere in wisconsin, we may take our trip southern. i've found a few places online that seem neat, but nothing as cool as like an old asylum or anything.

you can either comment here or email me at jaclynkaters@gmail.com. thank you!

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[22 Jun 2007|12:48pm]

Hello everyone! I'm sorry if this question has been addressed before, but I'm looking for some asylums to visit. I'll be leaving for college in a little over a month and I'd love to explore some more of the area before I leave. I live in Central Jersey and am willing to drive...I'd say 2 hours maximum. What are some asylums (in state or neighboring) that I could visit that haven't already been torn down/are not HEAVILY patrolled?

(As a side note - anyone ever been to Indian Cabin Road? I can't find anyone who can give me more info on it.)


Just so I'm contributing SOMETHING, here's some pictures of Mary's Tower:


The album: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/557843699JElBVV

My account which has other locations such as Paulinskill Viaduct, Lambertville High School, etc.: http://community.webshots.com/user/takingtheblade
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[26 May 2007|07:58am]

i think this was just added on buffalo.com, hopefully no one else posted this already, i didnt check :/

how awesome is this??

buffalo psych center

buffalo state hospital (aka h.h. richardson complex) revitalization!!!

im pretty proud of buffalo for not just tearing it down.
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