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Byberry Mental Hospital outside Philadelphia

In 2003, I had the opportunity to "visit" the ruins of Byberry Mental Hospital outside Philadelphia.  On a dark, very rainy night, it was an eerie place with mouldering ruins that looked like something out of a Wilkie Collins novel.  We didn't go into too many rooms, or explore the tunnels between buildings, because a couple had been robbed at knife point a few weeks earlier, so I didn't want to be trapped anywhere I couldn't get out.  Also, I am not a fan of dripping asbestos.  

Byberry is (was?) situated in the midst of a typical suburban neighborhood.  We actually cut through a yard to a small woods to slip into the property.  There was a guard shack with a guard but it was a rainy night so we weren't too worried about being arrested.  Not long after our visit, in response to increasing complaints from neighbors, the police began constant patrols, but in April 2003, there was only the one guard on duty, and he clearly was no fan of the damp.

We walked around buildings and into some grafitti splattered rooms--creepy but more from the weather and the fear of arrest than anything paranormal.  However, in an exercise yard, two of us felt the hair crawling on our necks.  I was trying to collect Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) and said into my microphone, "it's very cold and rainy here.  What's the weather like for you?"  After quite a long wait, a man's voice says, "cold...it's cold...never.'  I've gotten many EVPs, before and since, but this remains the the saddest, and perhaps the best, EVP I have ever gotten.  You can hear it on the website of a paranormal group I belong to:

http://www.investigateparanormal.com/prod02.htm  Scroll down to the bottom, to the Byberry EVPs.

I never went back.  We were going to go, but there were several arrests for trespassing.  Now I understand Byberry has been torn down.  The history of Byberry is very sad.  It was shut down twice for overcrowding and patient abuse.  I have seen photos of naked people who could never leave their dorms because they had no clothes--in Philadelphia, which has pretty harsh winters.  I have also seen photos of shabby people drinking soup because there were no utensils.  The man's voice in my EVP sounds so hopeless and lost.  A cold place, indeed1

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