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haunted_asylums's Journal

-Haunted Asylums-
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A community strictly dedicated to the exploration and sharing of information of asylums and medical facilites of the past.

Whether you're here to share information or to inquire on some, welcome!

For as long as I have been running the community, I have seen no need to post rules and do not intend to unless there is reason to do so. Thank you all for that.

Check out our memories!!! The whole community is in the process of being archived in it! Also if you have a few spare moments check the "spooky inquiries" section. Maybe you can help someone out with a question.

The only warning I will put here is exploring these defunct facilities is strictly at your own risk. Usually this involves criminal trespass and a lot of factors should be taken into consideration including legal issues and structural knowlege in general. These buildings are old and oftentimes dangerous with debris, unsafe floors, asbestos, amongst other things. Be safe and use your head.

However we would love to see your pictures/hear your stories :D
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